Chargers Hit the Shore

Chargers hit the shore

By Isadora Gonzalez

OCEAN CITY, Md.-- On February 22, the St. Charles varsity cheerleaders went down to the beach in Ocean City, Md. for the Reach the Beach National competition. The competition has teams from all over the nation, and this year the St.Charles Chargers took the national title home.

The teams compete twice, once on Saturday and again on Sunday. The St. Charles team did an amazing job on the first day, although they were nervous.  They had a few bobbles and one fall, but they got the girl back up on time. Then on the second day, they did even better . They landed an almost perfect routine , and their final score was 92.125.

The coaches were extremely proud of their performance. The girls were so proud of the way they performed. This almost perfect routine was preparing them for the Island Championship on the ninth at CSI. The coaches are Venora Penisi,Jackie DeCarluccio, and Taylor Ahern. They were all extremely energetic in the crowd, and after the team performed their routine the coaches were crying with joy.  They are confident that the team will win at CSI if they put 110% into their routine.