Going to the Barclays Center!

Going to the Barclays Center!

By: Ella Cipriani and James Hook

A St. Charles Tradition for the past 10 plus years is to play basketball  at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The 8th grade Seniors got to play on the NBA court; the same court that some of their favorite professional players play on. After playing, they got to watch the Nets beat the Kings, 123-94.

Teams that played:

  • 8th grade boys’ B played St.Teresa 7th A

  • 8th grade girls’ A played 8th grade girls’ B

  • 8th grade boys’ A played St.Teresa 8th grade A

Throughout the games there were some exciting three-pointers made:

  • Madison Crocco, who scored 26 points, swooshed a three in the girls’ game!

  • Liam McGovern, scored one three in his game for the B team!

  • Robert Rispoli, scored three three-pointers for the A team !

  • Andrew Melillo, also scored a three in the A team game !

8th Graders Experience:

During the 8th Grade games,  the families and friends of the players were cheering them on.  The 8th grade teams all put up a fight, and enjoyed playing on the professional court, regardless if they won or lost !  

Watching the games, and spending the day with the 8th grade players , was a fun experience. We look forward to next year, when we can step on the professional court and hopefully swoosh a 3 pointer !