Hit Me With Your Best Shot (but I’ll win anyway)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot               (but I’ll win anyway)

By: Annie DeBiase

After a losing streak of 11 games, the 7th grade girls A team finally won their first game, against Our Lady Star of the Sea. The final score was 55-43.

Although there are many reasons why the Chargers won that game, the main reason is Maddy Crocco, #32. Crocco had scored 40 points in the game,including a buzzer beater.  Other scorers in the game were Bridget McMahon, scoring 10, Eireann Tafuri scoring 3, and Jada Torres scoring 2. It was clear from the beginning of the game that no one was stopping Crocco from getting her points, and that Crocco was going to score on almost every possession her team had.

When asked how it felt to have 40 points in one game as a seventh grader, only one word described how she felt, which was “amazing!”. She was also asked her key to success on getting those points, and the response was, “ To play hard and to not give up. Yeah, that’s it.”  Well, if you are wondering who you want to play like, think about this; Steph Curry Or Maddy Crocco? You decide.

Even though this is only their first win of the season, we know that there are many more wins to come for this team!