By:Shayla Khasanova

As we all know, the CYO Christmas card contest started late November, and that meant Christmas was around the corner! From what I’ve seen, people were so excited to create their cards and win! They had amazing cards, but sadly we only have 3 winners in each grade.  We can't have 500 winners from Saint Charles…but we can always be winners at heart!

  One of the students who won in 3rd grade was Cole Miller. His card was beautiful with the decorations on the Christmas tree and the pastel colored presents below the tree. What I see that makes the card pop is the cross on top of the tree instead of a star as usual!  Another 3rd grade winner was Sammy Corbett with a beautiful card showing baby Jesus in the stable .

  Melina Pennisi was a 5th grade winner,  who also did an amazing job! She had a fireplace with beautiful stockings. That was the best fireplace and stockings I have ever seen!

   Summer Stancampiano is in the 5th grade and she got 1st place!  She won for all of the grades! What was so amazing about her card was that she had baby Jesus and a candle lit with holly around it. Since she won for every grade, she was awarded 250 dollars to donate to any charity, and she chose St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

     These kids who aren’t even in middle school yet, designed these fabulous cards! Cole Miller, Sammy Corbett, Melina Pennisi, and Summer Stancampiano’s  cards were stunning. Other winners from the older grades were Helena Modeferi and Briget McMahon, and let me just say that their cards where also stunning! All I have to say is that all of these astonishing artists deserved to win and they did.