6th Grade Boys - 3rd Tryout

ALL 6th GRADE BOYS!!!!!!!!!

The Sports Committee is requesting that our 6th grade boys players participate in a 3rd TRYOUT.

The reason we are requesting an additional tryout is because a few of the coaches were unable to attend the 2nd tryout. Our Committee feels that in order to be fair to all the players, they should have an opportunity to tryout in front all of the incoming coaches.

Therefore, we are having a 3rd tryout on Wednesday 7 – 8pm at PS50.

A decision will then be made that night and posted on the St. Charles website Thursday morning. If your child has
made a team the coach will contact you later that night.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we feel it would be unfair to select a team based on one tryout. We thank you all for your understanding in this matter.

Any concerns you may have please email me ( I will try to help as best I can
Thank You