2017 Picture Day Schedule

Saturday, October 28th is Picture Day for the St. Charles Sports Program.  Attached is a grid showing what time each team is scheduled.  This has been a very smooth, painless process for the last few years, and if everyone adheres to the following guidelines, this year will no doubt be a success as well.

  1. Please have your team arrive 15 minutes BEFORE they are scheduled for their picture in full uniform For example, you can see that Biddy Cheer is scheduled for 8:45. As such, they should arrive by 8:30.  Please let parents know that if they are late, their child may miss the team picture.

  2. Please ensure that team members received their picture forms PRIOR to picture day. These were given to the Team mom last week to distribute. If forms are filled out prior to when the children arrive, it allows for a much more organized process.

  3. Please let parents know that they are not permitted in the auditorium/gym during pictures and will be asked to wait outside.  We will allow the team mom to come in with their team to keep the team in line and quiet. But please refrain from taking pictures or getting involved in any of the process Let’s leave that to the professionals. If the child has a jacket, we ask that they give it to the parent before entering.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your continued support of the St. Charles Sports program. Go Chargers!!!

  • 2nd grade: Biddy
  • 3rd grade boys: Rookie
  • 4th grade boys: Bantam
  • 4th Grade girls: Gidget
  • 5th grade boys: Small fry
  • 6th grade boys: Tyro
  • 6 grade girls: Debs
  • 7th grade boys and girls: JV
  • 8th grade boys and girls: Varsity
Pic Schedule.png