Senior Night Profiles

2018 Senior Night Profiles!!!


By:Kayla Mulvey

    Annie’s favorite movie is Wonder and no wonder she’s been on a team with two championships! Annie has played basketball for seven years. She chose her number as 1 because when she was little, she thought she was number 1.

Annie is going to Notre Dame Academy and hopes to play on their basketball team. Although she also plays softball, basketball is her favorite. To help her get prepared for games, Annie listens to music from the drama Glee.  

In her spare time, she enjoys watching Netflix and tries to create new hairstyles.

During past championship games, Annie has been known to read the CYO pledge for her team. She does this because she loves to read. Annie is ready to beat Holy Child on senior night.  Holy Child beat her team once, and they beat them once. The teams will battle each other for first place. Annie loves to play for Saint Charles and can’t believe the ride is coming to an end.


By: Kayla Mulvey

        Valerie Minett is a cheerleader and is captain of St. Charles Varsity team. After she graduates, she will go on to Saint Joseph Hill Academy and hopes to cheer there. Valerie prefers to cheer at competitions because she loves to compete. She has been a cheerleader for seven years. Although she has no special rituals, she is a fantastic cheerleader.

Her position on the team in stunts is base. Cheer has become much harder compared to when she started seven years ago. Val says there are more practices for varsity to improve her skills.

    Besides cheering, Val loves to hang out with her friends. Her favorite movie is Coraline. She enjoys watching the NY Giants play football. One day, she would make a great cheerleader for them!

Good luck in high school Valerie!


By; Kayla Mulvey

Gianna Pica’s favorite movie is Mean Girls, but she is not a mean girl at all. It’s her favorite movie because it’s relatable to life in high school.

Gianna is going to Notre Dame Academy and hopes to continue her basketball career there.  She has played basketball for 11 years.

She also plays flag football, but basketball will always be her favorite. Her number is 8. She picked this number because it is her favorite.

Gianna said ‘’ It’s hard to leave my family,” referring to the team. She doesn’t have a special routine before a game, but hopes to improve on her jump shot.

In her spare time, Gianna likes to go to the mall, out the eat, to the movies and hang with her friends.

She enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors play basketball on TV. Gianna looks up to Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving. Maybe one day she’ll be just like them.

Good luck in high school Gianna!

Senior Spotlight: Grace Russelli


by:Annie DeBiase

No wonder why Grace Russelli goes with the flow of things and knows what she’s doing, because her favorite movies is the Disney movie Moana and Clueless.

Grace Russelli is one of our eighth graders who will soon be leaving us for St. Joseph Hill. She has been playing basketball for 5 years, and won 2 island championships with her team. Along with basketball, she plays soccer, which is her favorite sport to play. Her number is 27, which she had since she was little. As a routine before her game, she eats pickles and listens to music. While she is happy that she is going to Hill, she thinks it’s so hard to say goodbye to her team, especially Gianna Pica.

Grace has been playing basketball since 4th grade, where her cousin Mike Gotlin (a coach at St. Charles) persuaded her to join for a year. Even though she almost quit in 6th grade, she decided to stay. Since then, she has been working hard in the summer and is glad she decided to keep playing basketball, as she loves to play.

Besides basketball and soccer, she likes to hang out with friends and watch TV. She especially likes to watch the Golden State Warriors play.  Her favorite player is Stephen Curry, because he is 6-foot-4.  Maybe she hopes to be as tall as him one day?

Good luck, Grace and we hope you make the team at Hill!

Senior Spotlight: Brianna Lockwood

by:Annie DeBiase

If you’re wondering how far Brianna Lockwood will go with cheerleading, it’s clear that she will go far. She will take after her favorite movie, Moana.

Brianna is in her first year of cheer on our school’s Varsity team, and it is clear that she is doing well, as they got their first win along with Grand Supreme on January 21. She is a backspot, which means she supports the flyer. She was formerly a dancer, which is most likely why she loves to go out to the crowd and show everyone what she can do.

Before she performs, she makes sure to go into a huddle with her team and to get a pep talk to get everyone amped up. She likes having difficult challenges in her routine, as it is making her better. She is planning to go to Notre Dame Academy, where she hopes to cheer for the Gators.

Lockwood has been in the school since Pre-K 3, and has many friends from her St. Charles family and her cheer team. She loves to go out and shop with her friends, and just hang out with them and have a good time

Brianna’s favorite color is blue, probably because she feels sad because she will soon be leaving her St. Charles family for Notre Dame. We wish you all the luck with making a new NDA family in high school, and making your cheer team!

Senior Spotlight Emily Mahinka

By: Amanda Cerrotta

Emily Mahinka has been playing basketball for 11 years. She also played soccer, as well as basketball. She is going to Notre Dame Academy and wants to play basketball in high school. Go Gators! Emily might also want  to try out for soccer in high school. She is a forward in soccer and a guard in basketball.

        Mahinka’s number in basketball is symbolic to her. The number, 26, is her birthday. Even though she doesn’t have a routine, she is an excellent player.

       Emily’s favorite movie is The Last Song. She enjoys hanging out with friends when she is not out on the court.  

        Emily’s favorite sport to watch is basketball. Her favorite team in professional basketball is the Cleveland Cavaliers. She looks up to Kyrie Irving, who now plays for the Boston Celtics.

Senior Spotlight Taylor Lictro

By :Amanda Cerrotta

Taylor Lictro has been playing basketball for Saint Charles for four years. Taylor is going to Notre Dame Academy. Go Gators!! The only sport she plays is basketball, but she sure is good at it. She also wants to play basketball in high school. Before a game, to pump up her spirits, she listens to music.

Taylor joined basketball in 5th grade. She said there is a lot of pressure because they are in first place in their CYO division. Taylor said she has to work hard and practice with her team to become No. 1.

When she is not on the court, Taylor likes to hang out with friends and family.

Her favorite movie is Mean Girls. It’s her favorite movie because she says  it is ‘’relatable.’’

Best of luck in high school on and off the court!

Senior Spotlight Isabella Pica

by Isadora Gonzalez

St. Charles senior Isabella Pica’s favorite movie is Mean Girls, but she is one of the nicest and kindest girls around. She is supportive in the sport she competes in, which is cheerleading. She’s been doing cheer for six years now and Isabella is one of the captains. She prefers to cheer at competition more than at games.

Isabella is going to Notre Dame Academy and she hopes to cheer in high school. She has a routine of stretching before a competition.

She doesn’t play any other sport, but she does like to watch football and her favorite team is the New York Giants. Although she likes to cheer, she also likes to hang out with her friends.

Isabella Pica states, “ I like the difficulty of our cheer routine.’’ She said, “there are more flips in her routine this year.’’ Successfully landing flips gives them more points to have a better chance of winning.

Good luck in high school and trying to make the cheer team!

Senior Spotlight: Cameron Susino

by Nick Frisolone

     St. Charles senior Cameron Susino eats a bowl of pasta before every game. When I asked him why he eats pasta, he said , ”pasta contains things that energizes the body.”                                                                                                                                             Susino has been playing basketball for four years. He does not have any other favorite sports besides basketball. His number is 10 and it’s  special to him because that is his birthday date.

The high school he’ll be  attending is Monsignor Farrell, where  he also wants to play basketball.

His favorite movie is Good Burger because he likes when the two guys at the end save the day.

He admires Chris Paul. When I asked him why he likes this player , he said, “He is a really good passer and shooter.”

Wishing Cameron the best of luck in high school !

Senior Spotlight: Julia Michelotti

By:Caitlin Sweeney

Julia Michelotti is a cheerleader for St. Charles School. Julia is graduating this year. She would like to cheer when she is in high school. She is going to St. Joseph By the Sea and she wants to cheer for the high school team. She would also like to do competitive cheerleading when she goes to high school.  

Before competition, she does her handshake with  teammates. Besides cheerleading, she likes to hang out with friends. She also plays soccer, but cheerleading is her favorite.

Julia likes to watch football. The player she looks up to is Odell Beckham Jr.  Can you imagine if Julia was a cheerleader for the NY Giants?  She’ll get to watch Beckham Jr. play up close. What a thrill that would be!

Senior Spotlight : Michael Potestio

by Luke Bonifacio

One of our Seniors, Michael Potestio, will be leaving St Charles in June  with many memories. He was class president in 6th and 8th grade, and he’ll bring his leadership skills to Farrell High School.

He has been playing basketball for St Charles for 7 years. You may have seen him on the court as number 14. He isn’t planning on playing basketball in high school, Before every game he listens to Kanye West music.

Potestio also plays football, just like Michael Oher in his favorite movie, The Blind Side.  He will most likely pursue football in high school.

Senior Spotlight: Robert McGarvey

                BY James Hook

Our senior, Robert McGarvey,

has been playing Saint Charles basketball for seven years, and he is a proud basketball player. Robert’s favorite movie is Space Jam. Can you imagine Robert McGarvey playing one-on-one against Bugs Bunny?

Robert’s idol is D’Angelo Russell, and his favorite team is the Brooklyn Nets. Maybe the the sequel in Space Jam will have Robert and D’Angelo as the main stars!

In the fall, Robert will be attending Monsignor Farrell High School and is hoping to join the Lions on the basketball court.

Senior Spotlight : Vincent Coco

by Luke Bonifacio

Our soon to be former student, Vincent Coco, will be going to Monsignor Farrell after he graduates. He is a very active person, He

plays basketball, baseball and football. He is just as active as when Ben Stiller was running in his favorite movie The night at the Museum.

Vincent has been playing basketball for seven years. You might have of seen him as number 13 on the basketball court … a number he’s always had. He hopefully will make the Farrell hoops team next year. Also, before most of his games he listens to music and gets a good meal. He loves the New York Knicks and he looks up to Kawhi Leonard.

Good Luck in High School!