Senior spotlight- Jenna Briscoe

Senior Spotlight- Jenna Briscoe 

By Samantha Darconte

Jenna Briscoe is a 13-year-old, eighth grader in the graduating class of 2019.  She is an amazing cheerleader who has experience in performing all positions. Jenna has been a flyer for five years, a base for four years, and is currently a back base.

Jenna has been in St. Charles since pre-k and is now graduating after 11 years as a Charger.  She is going to attend St. Joseph Hill and hopes to continue cheer in the future.

Senior Spotlight Favorites:

  • Favorite Food: French fries

  • Favorite Color: Pink

  • Favorite Sport: cheer

  • Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showmen

  • Favorite Hobby: Baking

  • Favorite Animal: Dog

  • Favorite TV show: Friends

  • Favorite Vacation Place: Aruba

  • Favorite Celebrity: Ariana Grande

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas