Senior Spotlight: Marissa Conroy

Senior Spotlight: Marissa Conroy

By Ryan Erwin

Marissa Conroy lives  in Oakwood. She has a large passion for basketball. She started playing when she was in kindergarten. This was also the time she came into the school, and has been in St Charles for 9 years. She has officially become a  Moore Maverick and is very excited for her high school years. Some tips from Conroy are to pay attention, keep your eyes up, and ALWAYS keep your hands ready to catch the ball . We wish Marissa the best of luck in high school !


  • Food-Pizza

  • Color-Blue

  • Sport-Basketball

  • Movie-Bird Box

  • Hobby- Dance

  • Animal- Giraffe

  • TV Show- Liv and Maddie

  • Vacation Spot- Disney

  • Celebrity- Justin Bieber

  • Holiday- Easter

  • Song Artist-Boogie with a Hoodie

  • Resort-CamelBack

  • Restaurant-Apple Bees