Senior Spotlight: Mia Polizzi

 Senior Spotlight: Mia Polizzi

By: Ella Cipriani

Mia, who is an  Oakwood resident, first starting playing basketball with her friends this year on the St. Charles 8th grade girls’ B team. She stated, “ I feel our team is improving so much each week even though we just started playing this year.”  Mia is also going to begin her spring with joining the St. Charles softball team. As a 13 year old, Mia has been in St. Charles School for 8 years! She is still deciding whether to go to Tottenville or Moore Catholic, but wherever she goes she will do great. On her free time she likes to listen to music and go to the mall with her friends.


~Favorite Food: Stir- fry

~Favorite Color: Yellow ~Favorite Sport: Basketball ~Favorite Movie: High School Musical ~Favorite Hobby: Playing Basketball ~Favorite Animal: Turtle ~Favorite TV Show: One Tree Hill ~Favorite Vacation: Malibu ~Favorite Celebrity: Khalid ~Favorite Holiday: Christmas