Senior Spotlight: Paige Somerville

Senior Spotlight: Paige  Somerville 

By: Ella Cipriani

Paige, who is a Tottenville resident, always wanted to play basketball. She decided to join this year to play her senior year with her friends. Paige also dances, which she has been doing for 12 years. She enjoys both sports,  but basketball has become her favorite, even though she just started playing. Paige will be a Moore Maverick in the fall and hoping to dance and play basketball in high school !


  • Favorite Food: Pizza

  • Favorite Color: Teal   

  • Favorite Sport:   Basketball

  • Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect

  • Favorite Hobby: Dancing

  • Favorite Animal: Dog

  • Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms

  • Favorite Vacation: Los Angeles

  • Favorite Celebrity: Shawn Mendes

  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas