The Final Stand

The Final Stand

By Ella Cipriani and Ryan Erwin

On Saturday, March 2nd, the St. Charles Chargers fought their hearts out against the Sacred Heart Spartans in the Island CYO Championship for the gold. The Chargers tried their best against the Spartans.

Mostly because of the height advantage, the Sacred Heart Spartans took first place with a score of 54-44. Our Chargers gave it their all, and still received trophies for being runner-ups. Caitlin Sweeney led the way for the Chargers with 16 points. Danielle Williamson chipped in with 15 points, while Faye Vidal added nine for the blue and gold.

Caitlin Sweeney says, “We put up a good fight, the team is going to work hard to improve in the off-season. Next year is our year.”

The best “CGW” (crowd goes wild) moment was when Williamson received the MVP award from Shootin’ School at the end of the game.

I will see everybody next season!!!

St.Charles Chargers: Sweeney- 16 Williamson- 15 Vidal- 9 Ford- 2 Cipriani- 2