By Samantha Darconte  and Isadora Gonzalez

The St. Charles 8th grade girls’ B basketball team came close to beating its high score of 20 points on Sunday, January 13 while playing  St. Patricks.

The St. Charles Lady Chargers were off to a good start by scoring the first four points of the game.  They were doing great in the first half, but around the third quarter, St. Patricks pulled ahead.

Julia Boyd and Skye Stancampiano were the top scorers in the game, scoring 6 and 5 points a piece, respectively.

The entire team played strong defense during the game, with guard Mia Polizzi and center Lexi Leibowitz leading the defense .

During the third quarter, Skye was knocked into the wall on a hard foul.  She then proceeded to sink her two foul shots and the fans roared with excitement.  

The final score was 27-19 with St. Patrick's winning, but St. Charles was one point away from beating its record.  Although the Chargers did not win, they never gave up and continued to try their hardest until the final buzzer went off.  

They all showed amazing sportsmanship, showing that winning truly is not everything , but the way you play the game is !